San Juan Islands Orcas Ohana Ferry

Hello Madam Orcas Ohana–Meet my friend, Mr. San Juan Islands!

Getting Off Orcas Island to Explore the San Juan Islands   Last week, we mentioned some of the great places to visit and explore on Orcas Island with a convenient map to show you the way. But what if you’ve had your fill of Orcas Island’s eclectic locals and beautiful nature and you want to More >

Cycling on Orcas Island

One of the best ways to explore Orcas Island is on two wheels. There are cycling options for both the casual rider and more experienced cyclists as well. Riders should keep in mind that Orcas Island is quite hilly, so here are some ideas for cycling around Orcas Island on your vacation. Casual Riders The More >

No Car? Here Are Some Orcas Island Travel Options

If you’re planning to arrive on Orcas Island by plane or drive to the ferry, there’s one thing for sure, you don’t really need your car once you are on the Island. That’s because there are so many other options for getting around Orcas Island during your vacation. Here are some ideas for traveling around More >

Orcas Island Mopeds – A Fun Orcas Island Transportation Option!

Some of our guests have inquired about Orcas Island Mopeds, so we thought it would be useful to tell you about a great company on Orcas Island that rents mopeds. Here is a sample FAQ from their website: Frequently Asked Questions Q: What it is a Moped? A: It is a classification of Motor More >

Going Home: A Day in The Life of An Islander

The Ferry Line posted 03/23/2010 M.E. Rollins Waiting in the ferry line in Anacortes, I’m sitting propped up on pillows and blankets in the back seat of my car, knitting. It’s a beautiful Spring day. I’m happy to say I don’t have cancer or anything like that, but I did get some news from my More >