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A Day at Obstruction Pass State Park

Obstruction Pass State Park is one of Orcas Island’s beautiful vantage points. The park contains the island’s longest beach, Pebble Beach, which is covered by many ocean-smoothed rainbow-colored pebbles. This beach is one of the most unique in the world. An Orcas Island vacation would not be complete without gazing at the unusual pebbles found More >

Sail Over to the Sunny Side

Deer Harbor Marina, located on the “sunny side” of the island, is a great hideaway for boaters. The Marina features slips for both long-term and short-term rental and a number of amenities for boaters exploring the Pacific Northwest. Deer Harbor Marina is an excellent central location for those cruising the San Juan Islands as well More >

Geocaching with the Family on the San Juan Islands

Geocaching is a family fun activity that many people are taking an interest in and there is a lot of geocaching available in the Puget Sound area including the San Juan Islands and Orcas Island. Since there are some people who haven’t participated in this type of outdoor treasure hunt before, here is some information More >

Orcas Island Whale Watching

If you’re visiting Orcas Island, it would be terrible if you didn’t actually see some Orcas since they are the Island’s namesake. For about half of the year (from about mid-April until the beginning of October), the southern resident killer whales (SRKW) live in and around the San Juan Islands. Because of this the Islands More >

Orcas Island Vineyards

For the adults in your group, spending a leisurely day exploring the regional vineyards can not only be fun, it can be quite educational as well. There are several vineyards on Orcas Island as well as on nearby Lopez Island that offer visitors tours and tasting events. Two of our favorites are the San Juan More >

Cycling on Orcas Island

One of the best ways to explore Orcas Island is on two wheels. There are cycling options for both the casual rider and more experienced cyclists as well. Riders should keep in mind that Orcas Island is quite hilly, so here are some ideas for cycling around Orcas Island on your vacation. Casual Riders The More >

No Car? Here Are Some Orcas Island Travel Options

If you’re planning to arrive on Orcas Island by plane or drive to the ferry, there’s one thing for sure, you don’t really need your car once you are on the Island. That’s because there are so many other options for getting around Orcas Island during your vacation. Here are some ideas for traveling around More >

Pacific Northwest Weather Myths Dispelled

When planning your vacation to Orcas Island, you may be worried about the weather because so many people think that it rains all the time in the Pacific Northwest. While the area does get a fair amount of rain, the truth is that the weather is much more varied than people think and Orcas Island More >

Farm Tours on Orcas Island: Not Your Typical Farms

In a previous post, we introduced visitors to the wonderful Orcas Island Farmers Market which is now going strong every Saturday through October. But, did you know that there are also some great farm tours available from many different farms on the Island, including Maple Rock Farm, Coffelt Farm, and Bullock’s Permaculture Homestead. Each of More >

Getting to Orcas Island is Half the Fun

Most of the time people think the vacation fun doesn’t start until you arrive at your destination, but with Orcas Island that’s just not the case. Orcas Island is located in Puget Sound, Washington and visitors to the island have to travel by air or water to get here. Traveling to the Island can be More >