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Kayaking Around Orcas Island

We put together our annual group trip up to Orcas Island this past weekend and decided it was time to get out on the waters and enjoy a little kayaking adventure. Sea kayaking truly has everything you’re looking for in a nature vacation: freedom, beauty, friendship, solitude, love, exercise, fresh air and a unique experience. It’s the equivalent of hiking on water (#seahiking), but unlike the classic grounded version of hiking, it’s much easier on the ol’ knees.

#1 (see description)

Talking about sea kayaking at Orcas Island is one thing, but seeing it is another. Check out the images of our crew enjoying themselves and their new-found sea freedom.

#1: Jason and Megan are sharing a lovely couples’ moment. 15 seconds later he splashed her.

#2: Our sea-kayaking and Orcas Island expert Nicki is doing what she calls “doing my thing” in this fantastic shot.

#3: The other ladies of our Orcas crew (Chelsea, Megan & Shenoa) are trying to “do their things” as well, but let’s be honest, no one “does their thing” like Nicki does.

Some other noteworthy details: the Kayaks only cost $18 an hour and you don’t have to get any special training to take them out. The starting point has easy access to the Starfish Colony at the end of Madrona Point. And most importantly, Scott and Jason played kayak-chicken and Scott speared Jason with his oar–but that’s what life jackets are for, right?! :)

#3 (see description)

#2 (see description)