Orcas Island Beauty

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A Collection of Orcas Island Magic

Recently we found ourselves doing what many modernites do these days: we were bouncing about the Internet with no real sense of direction, looking at this, stopping here, giggling at that and clicking over there. And during all this bouncing and tralloping about, we found a collection of articles, blogs and artiblogs that gave a clear overarching thematic message: Orcas Island is otherworldly.  There’s magic in the air here. There’s something special that no one can quite grasp, but everyone can feel. It’s all surreal, dream-like, fantasia-esque and other magical adjectives.

Anyhoo….so to save yourself some tralloping and bouncing about, we decided to conglomerate all those lil artiblog treasures we found into

The unbeatable balcony view! Best in the business! More B sounds!

one helpful central source: this blog entry right here, right now.

And to get you started…

The Orcas Island Vortex

What would a collection of magical Orcas Island stories be without the vortex? By the way, Orcas Ohana overlooks the vortex, so if you’re looking to soak in some cosmic sea rays of healing energy, our back deck is the place to do it.

Orcas Island Through the Eyes of a Med Student

We found this lil gem right at the start of our tralloping. Some of our favorite quotes from author Diane Walsh:

  • “I have found that the most beautiful experience one has on Orcas lies in working with the people who live here.” Greeting, meeting and getting to know the local population is 80% of the human magic of the Orcas Island experience–couldn’t agree more Diane on this one.
  • “As I near the end of my stay on this charming island I am struggling to find the strength to leave. Thank you Orcas for the enchanting time and for allowing me to play a small role in your lives.” Especially since one must leave the island by ferry or plane, there is a true sense of departure and separation. It’s as if there was a magical barrier or boundary line surrounding the island–a line that divides your own personal worlds in two. Crossing between these two worlds can be a very spiritual experience.

A Short Blurb from ExperienceWA.com:

A magical mix…yes, yes…we like that.

“Pick your pleasure on Orcas Island.  It’s a magical mix of arts and culture, lush forests, placid lakes and endless outdoor possibilities.  Charming villages of Olga, Deer Harbor, Westsound and Orcas Village dot the island as centers of culture, art and cuisine.  Relax and enjoy the island’s quality sampling of restaurants, boutiques, art galleries and museums.

For a dose of the great outdoors, hop aboard a whale watching and wildlife tour.  Rent a kayak and see the island paddling along its shores, or jump on a bike and cruise the countryside.  Hike the rugged old growth trails of the 5,000-acre Moran State Park to see the expansive marine vistas from the summit of Mount Constitution.  On your way, watch for soaring bald eagles, wild deer, fox, rabbits or more than 250 species of birds that can be seen here throughout the year.  Taking in the the sunset over Puget Sound, with fog clinging to the island’s forests, can make truly be a spiritual experience.”

We shall have more magic to come no doubt. In the meantime, if you’re interested, take a moment to check out our rates and reservations for this year. Take advantage of the lower off-season prices and visit us this winter or early spring!

The backside!