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New Year’s Resolutions for the Best Vacation Rental in the World 2013

As the title above claims, we have won the award for the Best Vacation Rental in the World. Perhaps you’re thinking to yourself, “How is that possible? How can Orcas Ohana have won such a prestigious award if I’ve never heard of it?” This is understandable. We must have proof to back up such prestige! Stellar reviews from VRBO are not enough to make such a claim (though they certainly do help!). There must be documentation and official certification. The public demands evidence!

Behold! Our evidence is here:

So with such indisputable evidence behind us, we move on to this year’s resolutions!

  1. Do something physically exhilarating this year, perhaps even on day 1. This could be an activity like skydiving, bungee-jumping, whitewater rafting, mountain climbing, or whatever else gets our adrenaline pumping and our minds racing with excitement. The Orcas Island Polar Bear Plunge is another viable option.
  2. Travel out of the country at least once. Nothing helps one get some perspective on life more than traveling to a distant land and immersing oneself in a distant culture with distant people. This trip is #1 on our priority list!
  3. Find and read one book that no one has ever heard of. As you may already know, Orcas Island is an author’s haven. Lots of scribes cozy up on the island for focused writing sessions or permanent living–and what better way to support these authors than by reading something obscure and well-written?! Check out this list of local authors to choose one that suits your fancy!

How about you? Any special New Year’s Resolutions? Thinking about making a trip to Orcas Island this year? Check out our Rates and Reservations page here or click on that big green sidebar button for more info!