Orcas Island Vacation Rental

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Vacation Rental Tips for Orcas Island

We found this handy top-10 vacation rental tips list from Abc News the other day and thought it seemed relevant since Orcas Ohana happens to be a vacation rental destination :) . Below you can find a few of their tips with some of our special Orcas Ohana implications.

  1. “Choose a popular rental destination”
    If you’re window-shopping (google-searching) for a place to stay on Orcas Island right now then you can see right away how popular of a destination our magical little island is. There are tons of great options for places to stay (hotels, inns, vacation rentals, cabins, bungalows, farms, beach teepees, wigwams, tree forts*, etc) and we hope that you will end up finding the best one suited to your tastes and fancies. *We are just assuming that there are tree forts somewhere about the island. There are a lot of trees.
  2. “Comparison shop”
    This is great and we more than encourage our potential guests to look around for the best fit for them. We pride ourselves on our competitive pricing, however, and hope you get a chance to check out our rates and reservations page for some examples.
  3. Is the home family friendly?
    A resounding “Yes!” for Orcas Ohana. We have plenty of comfy sleeping arrangements (3 bedrooms, 2 baths home sleeps 6 – 8 people) and we love having families stay with us. Plus, our kitchen is great for cooking big meals!
  4. “Can you bring a pet?”
    Pets are totally-welcome! We were even featured in the Fido Friendly Magazine. Check out this former blog post for more details on bringing your kitty/poochie to stay.
  5. “Love the house you pick
    We love the house that people love to pick….so that says something right there. Check out our VRBO Reviews for more evidence on all this good love going around.
  6. “Reserve early
    This is especially true before the busy summer season. The calendar tends to get pretty booked up from June-September so if you like planning ahead then we sincerely recommend getting a jump-start on the reservation process! Check out our rates and reservations page for the calendar and booking info :) .

And again, here is the link to ABC News 10 Tips. We hope you enjoy planning your vacation!