Orcas Ohana Vacation Rental

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Another Insider’s Look into the Best Vacation Rental in Orcas Island History

Last week we shared some new photos with you and gave an important disclaimer (the title “best vacation rental in Orcas Island history” may

The backside!

be coming from a biased source). And surprise, surprise, this week we’re doing more of the same! Winter season at Orcas is upon us and with it comes some snow, cheaper rates, and lots of snuggling romance. So let’s take a little longer peek into the inner-workings of Orcas Ohana!

Keep in mind that these are just pictures of your potential Orcas Island nest! The surrounding has plenty more beauty to offer (even in the Winter time!). For exploring Orcas Island we recommend checking out this authoritative site (visitsanjuans.com) for all the sweet activity action.

One particular winter activity they don’t have on that visit San Juan’s website however is the Polar Bear plunge put on by the island’s rowing community. Needless to say, it would be a good opportunity to test your cold tolerance and general bravery. Plus, it’s a New Years Day event and what could be more “refreshing” than starting the new year off by throwing yourself in some icy cold waters? A day at the spa you say? Yeah, I guess that would be pretty refreshing as well. Still…the Polar Bear plunge sounds like an experience.

For our winter rates, reservations and availability, please refer to this page here. We think you’ll like what you see!

The master bedroom!