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The Best Vacation Destination in the History of Mystery


It’s a scientific fact that there’s something special about Orcas Island and that there’s also something special about mysteries. Therefore, as logic dictates, there must be something double-special about Orcas Island mysteries! “Any place steeped with history is bound to be deep with mystery,” as the proverb we just coined tells us–so let’s dive into the depths of Orcas Island’s secrets, shall we?

The Orcas Island Vortex

This is the place to start for the mysterious feelings and vibes one gets from the island. Legend has it that just off the shore from Eastsound, beyond a tiny island in the bay, there is an energy vortex that provides an unseen source of peace and well-being to those who are ready to accept it. To visitors who have never been to Orcas Island, this may seem like a fairy tale or new-age crockpottery, and perhaps it is….but try pondering upon the energy vortex again, this time with some native-american wind-flute music, incense and a sunrise over the bay, and you may suddenly find yourself consumed with belief, faith and all other sorts of magical feelings.

The Deep Forest Magic

Forests are always steeped with mysterious feelings and magical insights, even in these skeptical modern times. The woods are the places beyond human society, the places where strange things dwell and stranger things happen. People who wander deep into the forest are said to come back inhabited with the spirits of the trees or other creatures murking about the dark green twists and turns.

Orcas Island has forests. Deep forests. They may seem like normal forests to outsiders and skeptics…..but try pondering these forests again, this time with some celtic tribal music, incense and growing darkness, and you may suddenly find yourself filled with a lasting understanding of what it means to be consumed by the forest spirits.

The Orcas Island Artifact Mysteries

There are objects strewn about Orcas Island that are still contemplated today. Old stories are still told and old locations still discussed. The island people still feel the weight of the island and appreciate its past. An island like Orcas collects and traps mystery like flypaper. Come be a fly on our flypaper.


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