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Smuggle Yourself off the Mainland and Snuggle Yourself into an Orcas Island Haven

Here is the greatest winter vacation tips list you’ll ever see–a list that answers the world’s most pressing question: why go to Orcas Island in Winter? I’m glad you asked…very glad.

Reason #1 Why Orcas Island is better than Anywhere Else in Winter:

Winter air travel stinks. Icy conditions, holiday travelers and poorly-chosen scarves surround you in your every move. Winter ferry travel, however, is boatiful and cuddlicious. As you travel by ferry, you can cozy up on a comfortable lounge chair, work on a jigsaw puzzle and stare dreamily out to sea–sounds much better than a plane huh?

Now, of course, in making this point I’m assuming that you won’t have to fly in from some other part of the country to get to the ferry, but that’s irrelevant at best. The bottom line here is that ferry beats plane, hands down, every time, no doubt about it. Check out these pictures of a ferry and a plane if you still have your doubts:


Reason #2 Why Orcas Island is better than Anywhere Else in Winter:

Romance. Winter is cold and cold invites bundling, snuggling and body-hugging survival tactics. Summer is hot and hot invites sweating, smelliness and the need for bedtime separation.

This is your perfect romantic day at Orcas Island: take a brisk hike through the woods, visit some shops and talk about the chilly air, and finally, get in the hot jet-tub back at the house with a couple glasses of wine and some deep talk about life’s meaning and your future together. Pretty sweet, right?

Here’s what your day would be like at some warm Winter destination: go out to the beach and get heckled by 35,542 vendors trying to sell you beaded necklaces and fake gold chains, go to a local restaurant stuffed with pasty patrons, drunk lunatics and out-of-place Christmas decorations, and finally return home to a muggy bungalow full of cockroaches and sweat-damp sheets. Sounds terrible, huh?

Say “yes” to jacuzzis and life-changing winter romance and “no” to cockroaches and sweat-damp sheets.

Reason #3 Why Orcas is better than Anywhere Else in Winter:

Better rates and no crowds! You get the best bang for your buck without the hecti-nastiness of crowded summer travel. I like that and everyone else likes that, so I’m sure you would like that too (that’s called the “science of deduction”–something Sherlock taught me in a dream the other day).

Need some proof that our rates are economically-efficient in the Winter Season? Bam!

Need some proof that other places are crowded and hecti-nasty? See picture below.


Look at all those people....hecti-nasty.