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And the Best Vacation Rental in Orcas Island History likes Dogs too! (That’s us: Orcas Ohana!)


Our dogs are our children–we love them, care for them, play with them and, if necessary, punish them. And much like children, our dogs can become a bit vexing when it comes down to planning our vacation. Where will they enjoy themselves as well as us adults? Where can we go where we know they won’t get bored and bothersome? Does a place where both adults and dogs/children can vacation in peaceful harmony? If so, where is this fantastical place and how can I get a piece of it?

And here we are to answer all these questions with one repetitive, yet ultimately exciting answer: Orcas Ohana on Orcas Island! Orcas Ohana on Orcas Island! And repeat!

If our words seem like empty promises here, perhaps another more specific blog post about our fido-friendliness will suit your fancy:

Orcas Ohana Vacation Rental: Our Collection of Fido-Friendly Proof

One of our awesome guests!

And if you replace all of the word ‘dog’ with ‘cat’–you’ll see that we are completely cat-friendly too! Except for the part about the Orcas Island dog park….there is no cat park….but that would be pretty awesome to see, wouldn’t it?

The Top 10 Pet-Friendly Vacations Spots

And if you’re new to the whole ‘traveling-with-my-pooch’ game, then perhaps this handy list we found online will help you decide where you want to go this year. It’s not a list of specific destinations per se, just a couple of good directions to start with for all your doggy-vacationing needs. Here are the ones on there that fit Orcas Island:

  • 10: Into the Wild: this one is easy enough. Orcas Island specializes in magnificent, easily-traversed wilderness. Take your fido-friend up to Turtleback Mountain and/or Moran State Park and discover together what it means to be one with nature once again.
  • 8: Hooved Adventures: Orcas Island has horseback riding. We’re not sure if it’s fido-friendly or not though (why wouldn’t it be? :) )
  • 4: Vineyard Visits and More: We took our beloved lab (Jazzy) up to a new brewery near Eastsound and there was a nice little outside area for her to sit with us while we imbibed! We strongly recommend it! As far as the Orcas Island Vineyards are concerned, we are left uncertain–although the website pictures do lead us to believe they are the friendly, natural type….
  • 3: Take the Plunge: This one is all about getting your dog to some water. If she/he is anything like our dog Jazzy, then she/he cannot stay away from water too long without satisfying her/his urge to get soaking wet and shake off all that water right next to you. As you can imagine, being an island and all, Orcas has plenty of places for your pooch to get soppin’.

Interested in staying with us? Check out our VRBO page here for customer reviews and more information. Or check out the home page here or even our Rates and Reservations page here. We’d love to have you and your special little friend out to stay!

Even the view is fido-friendly!