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Looking to go on a superb Fall vacation that will revolutionize the way you think about vacations in general? ORCAS ISLAND comin’ at ya!

As a vacation rental on the one of the most peaceful islands in world history you would think (or hope) that we’d show a little better emotional control about something so simple like vacationing in the fall….and yes, we are controlled. Don’t let these excited words mislead you, we are peaceful and stoic, AT ALL TIMES!

Verbal tomfoolery aside, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of what you could be doing during your fall vacation on Orcas Island.

  • Hiking: Fall hiking crushes summer hiking. The air is cooler, the landscape is greener and the whole island is settled and ready for your immersion. Set your GPS for destination Moran State Park: “Moran State Park, with 5,200 acres of natural beauty and 38 miles of foot trails that range from easy to difficult to challenging draws outdoor lovers of all ages. A few of the popular trails are Twin Lakes to Mount Constitution, Cascade Loop Trail, Mountain Lake Loop and Cascade Falls Trail. Plan ahead for an overnight stay or enjoy a day hike or picnic in this magnificent park.” www.orcasisland.org
  • Golf and Mushroom Hunting: Check out this list of wild edible mushrooms of the Pacific Northwest, then confirm they are in season and not deadly, then start hunting! Oh, and golf, yeah, we mentioned golf. There is a beautiful 18-hole course at the Orcas Island Country Golf Club. You’ll wanna do that too–maybe after the mushroom hunting?
  • Lovely Ladies and Lovely Fall-season Foliage: Great little Orcas Island blog here written by two lovely ladies. This entry seems to be about Fall colors!
  • September is the last month for some good whale watching: Getting the last look at the big, bumbling beauts could give you some extreme Orcas Island bragging rights. Here is a pretty authoritative site on watching some porpoise with purpose.
  • Last, but not least, ROWING: Not sure that rowing is your kind of business? Check out what Orcas Island Rowing has to say to that: “Rowing is an excellent sport. It uses and develops all of the major muscle groups in your body. Rowing is THE team sport. Rowing is an intellectual challenge, you can spend a lifetime in search of the perfect stroke. Once you are a rower you will be a part of a world wide family and be welcomed by rowers everywhere. If you join OIRA you will become part of a tight knit family and learn how to function as part of a fun and effective team.” Not so bad now, right?

So, have we sold you on the idea of Fall on Orcas Island? Not yet? Ok….well maybe checking out our giant list of reasons to stay at Orcas Ohana will boost your spirit….or perhaps a glimpse at our rates and reservations page? Just a peek. Just a couple clicks. Just a fall vacation that will change your life!*

*We tend to exaggerate when we’re in the mood–but seriously, you’d have an enjoyable vacation at the very least. :)