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The World-Famous Orcas Ohana Photo Scavenger Hunt

Have you heard about our Orcas Ohana Photo Scavenger Hunt yet? It’s the best way to spice up your vacation (not that it needs to be spicy, but you get the idea), and it’s the bestest way to save money on a 2nd stay up at Orcas Island (if you go once to Orcas Island, you’ll wanna go twice–that’s the ‘bestest guarantee’).

If clicking on links to other blog entries isn’t your thing then here’s the quick rundown on the Photo Scavenger Hunt: we’ve got a great list of many obvious, secret and/or fun things, places and activities to photograph around Orcas Island (and the surrounding San Juan Islands). Print that list off before you go and get as many points as you can by taking pictures of these various island targets! If you reach a certain number of points (over 50 or 100) then you can save 5-10% off your next stay at Orcas Ohana (worth 100s of dollars if you stay long enough :) ).

The Scavenger Hunt is a perfectly unnecessary excuse to explore Orcas Island, perhaps with your beloved dog or exploratoration-loving cat. And we also welcome any creative additions that our guests offer up! If you suggest a target that we end up keeping we could add another 5 points to your total score! Could make all the difference in the world….

The Orcas Island Sensation that will be sweeping the Nation: Nightcrowing!

So if you take a moment to peruse the handy Scavenger Hunt pdf, you might notice “Nightcrowing” as one of the Orcas Island Activities. Just like Sasquatching and Blind Sasquatching, Nightcrowing is an activity designed to provide you with the maximum level of joy while also possibly teaching you something profound about yourself.

The concept is simple; however, it’s implementation is another story, particularly if one is unaccustomed to the wilderness (both the internal and external wildernesses!). At night, without the use of GPS guides or anything of that nature (keep a phone handy in case of disaster though), you must pick a destination relatively distant from your current location and travel there “as the crow flies”.

For example, imagine yourself in a field at night and between you and your home is a large forest. Instead of finding the proper path to navigate your way through the forest, you must crowline it. Point in the general direction of your home and start walking, climbing, crawling, slithering and/or swimming your way towards your safe haven. You will get very dirty. You will get scratched up and you will get frustrated and perhaps lose a shoe somewhere in the murky depths of your journey. But you will get home–one way or another. For it is your Nightcrowing Destiny.


For more information about our Orcas Island Vacation Rental, check out all the reasons you should be staying with us right here. Or to take a look at our rates and availability, please refer directly to this page here.

And as always we hope that your stay on Orcas Island is an enjoyable, awe-inspiring occasion, no matter where you stay!