Orcas Island Lodging Battles

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This Week’s Showdown: Orcas Ohana Vacation Rental VS the Rosario Resort!

The award-winning Orcas Island Best Lodging Battle series continues! And yes, we give ourselves awards every once in awhile for arbitrary things. (mother told us we deserve awards, so if the world doesn’t give ‘em to us, we have to make our own! That’s just plain logical!)

To see why we’re winning awards from ourselves, check out Battle #1 (Orcas vs Doe Bay) and Battle #2 (Orcas vs Outlook). Both were epic, legendary, awe-inspiring and other adjectives, so we strongly recommend you check ‘em out to see why we think Orcas Ohana is a winner.

Anyhow—on to the battle!

Round 1: Location, Location, Location…..Fight!

You may need to toggle the zoom buttons for clear view of both locations.

View Orcas Ohana Vs The Rosario Resort in a larger map
Orcas Ohana had an admittedly difficult battle with Outlook last week since both locations were nearly side-by-side. But this week presents a whole new challenge: for though Rosario is located outside of Eastsound and farther than Ohana from the ferry dock, it sits right on the bay with a marina and beautiful viewpoints all about. It may not have as convenient or centrally-located a position as Orcas Ohana, but like Doe Bay, Rosario has a serene feeling of natural solitude and relaxing communal living.

In summation: Rosario has beauty and Marina while Orcas has beauty and Eastsound. Do you like boats or do you like convenience?

And so the Round 1 Winner is: Orcas Island! There’s no escaping the beauty of this entire place!

Round 2: Pricing….I checked my pockets–no holes.

Some accommodation and pricing examples from Rosario here.

Some of the same here from Orcas Ohana.

As you can see, we’ve run into the same comparison-debacle as with Battle #1 (Ohana vs Doe Bay): Rosario has a variety of different kinds of rooms and lodging with a variety of prices, while Ohana has limited choices (but with the possibility of pets!). So if you need more flexibility on the prices due to the different number of people you are traveling with, Rosario may be a better fit–unless of course you have a large traveling group, in which Orcas Ohana may work out better for your pockets. Also, if you’re traveling with a dog, we are unsure whether Rosario accommodates the lovely creatures, while we are very, very sure that Orcas Ohana does (check out our fido-friendliness here!).

Round 2 Winner: Really? Orcas Island, again? What are the odds!?

 Final Round: General Awesomeness

Rosario Resort has a beautiful wedding venue location.

Orcas Ohana is a great place for proposals. 

You can dock your boat right in the Rosario Marina.

Orcas Ohana has a photo scavenger hunt that will revolutionize the way you enjoy vacations.

Rosario Resort has a rich history with Orcas Island.

Orcas Ohana is newer and thus creating a newer, richer history with Orcas Island.

Rosario Resort has something called the Master Plan.

The owner of Orcas Ohana is a strong proponent of Blind Sasquatching.

And so the overall winner is…..to be continued?