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The Dali Lama on Orcas Island! Can you find him?

Orcas Island Vacation Rental: Money-Saving Opportunities

The Orcas Ohana Photo Scavenger Hunt Earn 5 or 10% OFF your 2nd stay (and have a great time doing it!) As mentioned in a previous entry, we have put together a special photo scavenger hunt for any and all of our awesome Orcas Island guests! The game is simple and easy-to-do, but as we More >

Sample platters and bottomless peanuts! Num num face is numb.

Orcas Ohana Vacation Rental : The Island Hoppin’ Brewery

Orcas Island has been waiting for a place like this… And finally it has come: our very own local brewery! And it’s got that comfy, natural Orcas Island feel! We were 3 thirsty men when we arrived, our dogs (feet) and dog (Jazzy) all tired out from a day of tramping through the woods of More >

They've found their next thingy!

San Juan Islands Vacation Rental: The Orcas Ohana Scavenger Hunt

The Prelude to the Ultimate Guest Challenge! So this weekend we’ll be taking our annual manager’s jaunt to the Orcas Ohana Vacation Rental in preparation for the busy summer stay season. And this year we’ve decided to put together a special bargain/challenge for all of our temporary tenants: a Photo Scavenger Hunt! As you may More >