They are frolicking! What great big fishy-mammals they are!

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Orcas Island Rental: When You Just Wanna Watch Some Whales

Orcas Island is called Orcas Island for a particular reason–one that at times escapes my memory, but just now I happen to remember it: there are actual Orcas swimming nearby!

They are frolicking! What great big fishy-mammals they are!

In past blog entries here we have highlighted some of the excellent opportunities to watch some whales here amongst the San Juan Islands. Spring is a great season for getting out on a big boat and getting splashed by some giant fishy-mammals (disclaimer: We know they’re not fishies, but like to call them fishy-mammals for some silly fun–honestly the personal enjoyment gained by such incorrect naming is immeasurable!).

Anyhow, if you’re interested in learning more about the local orca whale population from one of the island experts, check out this blog from the Island Sounder. The best thing you can do though, that is, if you’re a true fan of whales and fishy-mammals, is to come and stay at our lovely Orcas Island Rental and get out to see the whales live. Tours are about 3-4 hours long and they feature many other of the local fauna and wildlife (harbor seals and bald eagles!) if the whales are being particularly shy during your voyage.

For more information on our rates and reservation schedule, please go to this page here! Spring and Summer are our busiest seasons so the earlier you set up your unforgettable Pacific Northwest Adventure the better!