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We try not to play favorites at The Orcas Ohana, but Haku, is certainly one of our top guests. You might even remember her from our Winter 2010 FIDO Photo Contest.

Thank you to Tanya and James for sending us these wonderful photos of Haku. She even wrote a note about her trip to Orcas Island!

Take it away Haku!


I am Haku Nellies Princess Warrior, the only furry child of James and Tanya Nozawa. My photo won a nights stay at the Orcas Island Ohana. I had my Mom send in my picture because I love road trips and adventures! I liked the name of the Orcas Island Ohana, being my name is also Hawaiian…it means “master, overseer” or basically ruler…which I am of my human Mom and Dad.

We arrived on a chilly, gloomy Monday afternoon but the weather didn’t even matter. The Orcas Island Ohana home was warm, inviting and peaceful. I made myself right at home on the deck with my favorite blanket and bones. I was fascinated by the deer..there were two of them..and I paced back and forth on the deck trying to squeeze through the railing for a better look. They were very interesting and I never saw them so close before.

Suddenly, overhead there was a bird chirping..why it was a western nuthatch! I know this because I have some of those in my backyard. I watch them sometimes when I’m laying in the sunshine in my backyard.

My Mom and Dad made dinner and we enjoyed the beautiful view of the sound and sometimes the sun would peek through the clouds..it was so peaceful and quiet.

After we all ate dinner (and I hid my greenie in my blanket) we went for a walk to town which wasn’t very far away…we stopped at the little shops and they even had a doggie store for me where I picked out a few treats.

It started sprinkling so I had my Mom carry me cause I hate when my feet get wet. (remember what I said earlier? Master overseer?) So Mom carried me the rest of the way back to our home for the evening, she doesn’t mind I can tell.

While we were walking along the water in town a gorgeous rainbow appeared! All the people from in the restaurants and the shops took the time to come outside and look at it. They were all on the streets pointing at it and talking about it. What a nice place I thought, everyone took a moment to enjoy the beautiful rainbow.

We hurried back to the Orcas Island Ohana so we could get the camera and take some pictures…My Mom got some great pictures of it and we had quite the view from the Ohana home. The rainbow stretched across the sky and it looked incredible with the ocean below it and all the trees framing it.

I checked to see if my greenie was still there..phew…yep… we enjoyed a quiet evening just our Ohana..all you puppies out there..tell your humans to bring you here..it is so fun! It has stairs and everything and the porch overlooks the sound and you feel like a king…or a queen like me!

Mahalo Orcas Island Ohana for such a wonderful stay!