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You all submitted some great pictures of your pups, but we can only pick one!

FIDO Photo Contest Runner Up - Noel

FIDO Photo Contest Grand Prize Winner - Demolition

Congratulations to our Spring 2010 FIDO Friendly Photo Contest Winner, Demolition!

“Demolition is a 9 month old mini schnauzer who loves nothing more then running, leaping, and climbing around Hollenbeck Canyon in Jamul, CA when we go hiking. Here is a picture of him enjoying the new spring flowers.” - Maureen (Mom to Demolition)

Thank you, Maureen for submitting this fun FIDO photo. Pack your bags and check our calendar to book your free night stay anytime at The Orcas Ohana.

Congrats To Our Runner Up: Noel

“Noel is a very active free spirited one year old. She loves everything outdoor and has a new love of swimming. Although she is active she is loving and can be very calm. She was part of an accidental litter so the owners say. But it is no accident that she was born and came into my life. She has been my world. She is very sweet and smart. I love her and she has undying love for me.” – Savannah (Mom to Noel)

Noel, you and your family will receive a free night stay outside of high season (June-Sept). Check the calendar and email Lacy (our Manager of Guest Happiness) at theorcasohana@gmail.com to secure your free night!